Wenzhou Jiatai Latex Product Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful scenery of the Feiyun River (Zone Ruian Dongfeng), is a specialized production of latex products (high-end, luxury bedding) businesses. Company in the 104 national highway, cutting-edge Yong, Tai, Wen Expressway, after the Provisional Feiyun River East Sea, Ruian City is the economic, cultural and distribution center.


Jia Tai's strong technical force, a strong teaching staff, machinery and equipment advanced, set design, development, production and sales of emerging enterprises, using world-class production equipment, first-class technical staff, first-class management mode, create first-class product quality.


Jia Tai people, the increasingly grave situation of environmental pollution, the commitment has invested heavily, using 100% pure natural latex, research and development to adapt to modern life, environmental protection, health-based bedding, modern white-collar class, a noble family, senior hotels , Grand Hotel the ideal bedding, furniture is also a major shopping centers, bedding stores, shopping malls, wholesale markets complementary products. Our company can produce up to dozens of species of all kinds of latex products by domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise, local customer after another.


Jia Tai latex products, through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and after SGS inspection of product quality and safety up to international standards. The Testing Center, Guangdong Province, microbiological analysis testing, the company's anti-bacterial properties of latex products total effective rate was 99.99% (ie: Escherichia coli, reducing the rate of 99.99%; of Staphylococcus aureus, less 99.99%; Klebsiella pneumoniae reduction 99.99%). In addition to efficacy and the drive mite mite rate 99.78%; antifungal properties of grade 0 - no mildew. Use Jiatai natural latex products, make your life more safe, healthy, warm!